About Tridge:

Tridge is a global agricultural trading platform that makes cross-border trade easy and frictionless. With our proprietary global sourcing hub, we go beyond matching buyers and sellers of 15,000 agricultural goods. This is facilitated through our one-stop fulfillment service that includes due diligence, supplier certificate verification, contract negotiation, packaging, shipping, customs, and many more. Powering the global sourcing hub is our data and intelligence services. Our exclusive database covers 11 million data points of agricultural goods and collects 50,000 data points each day. With greater transparency and real-time updates in price, quality, and trade volumes, Tridge removes the information asymmetry prevalent in many markets.

Job Description:

A Supplier Engagement Manager (SEM) will act as a key liaison between local suppliers and Tridge HQ. As the local representative, SEMs will deliver our mission by building strong relationships with local suppliers through introducing Tridge and laying the foundation for successful trade deals. SEMs will collaborate with Tridge HQ daily to fully align the tasks and strategize ways to build and manage a pipeline of prospective suppliers. The performance of SEMs will be evaluated by set targets and assessed based on results regularly. A high level of ownership, a result-oriented performance, and a genuine willingness to help suppliers export successfully through Tridge are the keys to this position's success.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Identify vital local products with strong export potential
  • Develop a longlist of local suppliers and shortlist by evaluating their export capacity and credibility based on the guidelines provided by Tridge HQ
  • Among the shortlisted suppliers, arrange site visits and demonstrate the value of Tridge to build a rapport (join prospective suppliers as vendors)
  • Based on the buyer inquiries handled by the HQ, constantly negotiate the offer prices, delivery terms, payment terms with the vendor suppliers to maximize product competitiveness
  • Utilize Tridge platform to organize necessary information and documents regarding each deal throughout the trade process
  • Collect scattered local market intelligence and document them through written format and visualized format (pictures, videos, etc) and report to the HQ


  • 7+ years of experiences in the agriculture industry
  • Must be located in Fujian
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills in the local language
  • Living in the country where you are applying for this position 
  • Spoken and written English skills of business level or higher recommended
  • Understanding of agricultural value chain in the global trade business
  • College degree or equivalent work experience


  • Experiences in the major industries of the trading business of the following sectors: Agriculture (Fruits, Grains, Nuts)

Working at Tridge provides the following Extra Benefits:

  • Work from Home: You will be engaging directly with suppliers and buyers. You will be working in your region and reporting remotely to the Operations Team of Tridge HQ.
  • Career Advancement: You will enhance career skills by encountering and overcoming challenges in working with the fast-growing team. Join us in our mission to make disruptions and solve inefficiencies in the traditional trading industry.

Get to know more about Tridge from our press release:


采购经理(远程)- Chinese version

Tridge 是一个世界领先的全球食品和农产品贸易情报交易平台,希望解决贸易中最大的挑战,“信息不对称”和“市场失衡”。我们通过与世界各地的 Engagement Managers(Tridge 在 50 多个国家/地区的本地员工)的合作,建立了庞大而复杂的市场情报网络,并基于此网络不仅发布了深度的市场报告,而且积极将我们的业务扩展世界各地。本企业的差异化和增长潜力吸引了来自 Activant Capital、Softbank Ventures、Forest Partners 和 Unicorn 等领先风险投资公司的总计 925 亿韩元的投资。作为一个充满希望的前景的公司, 公司估值超过 6000 亿韩元。拟定的国际贸易供应、采购经理职位是与内部市场情报团队和世界各地的参与的区域经理直接合作,设计流程、完成交易并直接推动增长,拓展市场。这个职位在公司经营中有着主导作用。随着企业迅速和稳固的发展,目前正在设立的约 50 多个国家的海外分支机构,并寻找当地区域经理,我们需要对工作充满热情的人。如果您入职我们公司,您将会得到充分的发展机会,我们期待您的加入。



采购经理 (SEM) 将充当中国当地供应商与 Tridge 总部之间的主要联络人。作为Tridge公司的中国部代表,SEM 将通过建立 Tridge公司 与当地供应商之间牢固的关系,实现出口贸易。 SEM 将每天与 Tridge 总部合作(这句和上一句一样与自己的公司合作很外国式),以完全成协调任务并制定战略计划,以建立和管理潜在的供应商渠道。 SEM 的表现将按设定的目标进行评估,并定期根据结果进行评估。高度的所有权、以结果为导向的绩效以及帮助供应商通过 Tridge公司 成功出口的真诚意愿是该职位成功的关键。SEM将自己制定采购任务,对自己的项目有高度所有权,并定期汇总上报总部。以结果为导向的工作业绩,竭尽心力的工作态度帮助供应商通过 Tridge公司 完成出口任务是该职位成功的关键。


  • 确定具有强大出口潜力的重要本地产品
  • 根据 Tridge 总部提供的指导方针,评估当地供应商的出口能力和诚信度,制定本地供应商名单和入围名单
  • 在入围的供应商中,进行实地考察并展示 Tridge公司 的价值以建立融洽关系(包括潜在的可合作的供应商)
  • 根据与其他国家的BEM进行直接沟通,通过对方的询价,不断与供应商协商报价,商议交货期、付款条件等,以最大限度地提高产品竞争力,完成交易
  • 通过 Tridge 平台完成在整个交易过程有关每笔交易的必要信息和文件
  • 收集分散的当地市场情报,并以书面形式和可视化形式(图片、视频等)记录并报告给总部


  • 7年以上在农业贸易经验
  • 出色的口头和书面沟通技巧
  • 居住在您申请此职位的国家/地区
  • 具有商务水平或更高的英语口语和书面能力
  • 了解全球贸易业务中的农业价值链
  • 大专学历及以上学历




 入职Tridge 公司工作可享受以下额外好处:

在家工作:您将直接与供应商或买家接触。您将在您所在的地区工作并远程向 Tridge 总部的运营团队报告。

职业发展:在与快速发展的团队合作中,您将通过不断克服新的挑战来提高自己职业技能。加入并融入Tridge,完成我们的使命: 颠覆传统贸易行业,解决其效率低下的问题。


您可以通过以下链接, 更加详细地了解创睿智中国:

 * Tridge CEO 访谈 : http://jmagazine.joins.com/forbes/view/334505

 * Tridge收到投资的相关报道 : https://me2.kr/0tcwq

 * Tridge 企业博客 : https://blog.tridge.com

 *Tridge 中文官方网站:https://www.tridge.com/zh-CN/



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