What We Strive to Achieve
Solving Global Issues With the Best Talents
We are looking for the best talents to join our team to disrupt the $1.5 trillion industry of agricultural trading. People gathered here at Tridge are not just interested in working for a fast-growing company to build their careers. Information asymmetry; Market arbitrage; these are the global dilemmas that we truly pursue to solve and bring a better connected world to the trading world.
What You Will Do
Reinvent the Trading Industry
Our team explores endlessly how our product can revolutionize the industry and is passionate about creating linkages between the digital and the human aspects of trade. As part of our team, you will participate in reinventing the trading industry.
Connect the World
Tridge’s user base extends to more than 190 countries, and we strive to connect every corner of the world. Working with us, you get to play in a global market and collaborate with experienced team members from over 90 countries.
Work With Top Talents
We work with the best talents from diverse industries who constantly fuel new and innovative ideas to the team. In a highly ambitious environment, you will by no doubt grow along with your top talent peers.
Tridge Values
At Tridge, we can achieve ambitious goals because we care about everyone.
We Care About Our Customers
Our customers' interests are always put first and foremost. We make sure that our products and services help them solve problems.
We Care About Our People
We take care of our people and make sure that their goals are aligned with the organization to make sure that everyone wins.
We Care About Our Society
Ultimately, we strive to help the world becomes a better place by revolutionizing global trades through data, technology, and people.
Hiring Process
Phone Screening
Skill Set Interview
Cultural Fit Interview
Reference Check
Home tests and additional interviews could be conducted during the process depending on the position and level.

Current Job Openings

Engagement Manager

Overseas Sales Manager
København, Capital RegionDenmark, Denmark
Overseas Sales Manager
Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador
Overseas Sales Manager
Kano, Nigeria
Overseas Sales Manager
Antwerp, Belgium
Overseas Sales Manager
Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand
Overseas Sales Manager
Hanoi, Hanoi, Vietnam
Overseas Sales Manager
Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Overseas Sales Manager
Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico
Overseas Sales Manager
Москва, Moscow, Russia
Overseas Sales Manager
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Overseas Sales Manager
Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
Overseas Sales Manager
Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

Export Development

Food Export Manager
Seoul, South Korea

Global Growth & Operations

Global Logistics Manager
Seoul, South Korea
Global Market Analyst
Seoul, South Korea


Backend Developer
Seoul, South Korea
Backend Developer (유픽)
Seoul, South Korea
Data Engineer
Seoul, South Korea
Frontend Developer
Seoul, South Korea
Lead Software Engineer
Seoul, South Korea
Product Designer (UI/UX)
Seoul, South Korea
Senior Product Designer (UI/UX)
Seoul, South Korea


Brand Designer (유픽)
Seoul, South Korea