Trellis Overview

You may not realize it, but your insurance company knows a lot more about you and your household than even your bank.

At the same time, policyholders frequently face basic problems like inadequate, redundant, or overpriced coverage.

Trellis is a Series A technology start-up building APIs and embedded experiences that empower consumers to safely and easily access, share, and use their personal insurance information to get better-tailored, higher-quality products and services that offer maximum value.

Trellis has backing from multiple top venture capital investors, led by General Catalyst and QED Investors. Trellis is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable companies in the field of insurtech.

If you have car insurance, you can try a demo of Trellis at

Quick Facts About Trellis

Founded: March 2019

Founder & CEO: Daniel Demetri

  • 3x fintech start-up exec
  • Co-founder of States Title (now named Doma and exiting via SPAC at a $3B valuation)
  • Led Product Management at online lender Earnest ($XXXM exit to Navient)
  • Previously: Google, Harvard, multiple banks and hedge funds

Vision: Consumer financial services that automatically work in concert to support personal purpose and meaning

Mission: Unlock the full value of the data in consumers' personal insurance accounts

Strategy: Simplify leading carriers’ online purchase experiences (with Trellis Connect), and embed Trellis-powered insurance recommendations (with Savvy) into large digital publishers

Traction: $XXMM of annualized revenue run-rate. Strategic partnerships with multiple Top 10 insurers, multiple top fintechs (e.g. Truebill, Albert, Chime), and multiple large online publishers. Net profitable in 2020.

Key investors: QED Investors (led Series A), General Catalyst (led Series Seed), NYCA Partners

Team size: 32 full-time equivalents (May 2021) and targeting 60+ by end of 2021

Location: 100% remote (US required)


  1. Extreme Ownership – We fulfill our promises to each other and to our customers. We own our responsibilities 110%.
  2. Speed – We work quickly and pragmatically.
  3. Collaboration – We work transparently, solicit feedback, and leave our egos at the door.
  4. Craft – We do a great job for the sake of it. We’re constantly learning and working at bettering ourselves and the way that we work.
  5. Positivity – We focus on the potential in the world and in each other. We rise to challenges rather than complain about them. We see a cup half full instead of half empty.

Mission of the Head of Savvy Operations

Even in the age of increasing digitization and automation, 80%+ of car insurance sales in the US are assisted by human agents in one way or another.

Trellis’ unique access to end-user data, its ground-up redesign of core insurance sales infrastructure, and its strong and growing bench of technologists yield the potential for contact operations that deliver game-changing effectiveness and futuristic levels of efficiency.

Savvy, Trellis’ in-house insurance marketing platform, contributes 100% of the company’s revenue today and provides a testbed, incubator, and proving ground for this opportunity. The Head of Savvy Operations will exercise significant managerial autonomy to ultimately prove and scale up the value that Trellis’ data and technology can create in the context of an inside sales operation focused on personal lines of P&C insurance.


  • # of SMS conversations
  • # of phone call conversations


  • Revenue per SMS conversation
  • Revenue per phone call
  • Unsubscribe rate after human contact
  • # of complaints
  • # and % of missed calls
  • %-tiles of response time


  • OPEX per SMS
  • OPEX per phone call
  • Operating margin (attributed revenue vs. allocated costs)

The Head of Savvy Operations will report into the Head of Product and work very closely with the Head of Lifecycle Marketing, the various Affiliate Partnerships leads, and the (future) Head of Carrier Solutions to scale up and enhance the efficacy of Savvy’s operations, such as by hiring and managing staff, implementing new policies and processes, and adjusting user experience.

Outcomes from the Head of Savvy Operations

  • Revenue per inbound contact growing
    20% uplift in revenue per inbound message and per call
    • 30: Backlog of ideas built based on review of dozens of prior conversations
    • 90: New scripts, touchpoints, and follow-up processes implemented; productivity metrics defined and implemented; staff receiving regular feedback and training; new compensation/commission structure designed and implemented
    • 365: Staff identified to fill more nighttime and weekend shifts
  • Services capable of rapidly handling new user volume
    No issues doubling weekly user volume on 2 weeks’ notice
    • 30: Job reqs drafted and published for multiple senior positions; onshore and offshore contract vendors identified for evaluation
    • 90: Sales Manager and Quality/Compliance Manager hired; new source of contract talent selected and onboarded; full onboarding/training process built out and used; multiple licensed agents hired
    • 365: Sales Director hired

  • Operational risks and liability minimized
    Zero payments for agent errors and omissions; zero complaints/investigations; zero carrier attrition
    • 30: Basic QA processes implemented; licensing and appointment processes built, managed and operating very quickly
    • 90: Industry-leading QA processes implemented; credit card numbers collected more securely
    • 365: Led project to automatically identify risky conversations and agent practices; robust “policy switching/cancellation” processes implemented

  • Quickly expanding operational efficiency
    Double messages and calls handled per agent
    • 30: Basic agent-level performance metrics implemented
    • 90: Phone system migrated from AirCall to something that allows better tracking of transfers and transfer performance
    • 365: Identification of chatbot opportunities and successful integration of such a solution


  • Managerial – Confident and experienced in hiring all kinds and levels of talent, including in areas with and without personal expertise.
  • Data- and metric-oriented – Great at boiling down complex challenges into metrics and KPIs; can do at least lightweight spreadsheet work; can work efficiently with analytics
  • Process-oriented – Loves repeatability and eliminating bottlenecks. Treats everything like a system instead of as a daily series of mini-narratives., Standardizes, documents, regiments.
  • Strategic and proactive – Understands the “why” behind the “what” and “how.” Effectively balances competing stakeholders’ concerns. Disciplined in defining, scoping, prioritizing, and focusing on project-level initiatives.
  • Motivational, inspiring, positive – Beloved by internal and external stakeholders. Can attract and motivate talent in jobs that are grueling or repetitive.
  • Excited about sales and scaling sales operations – Sees and feels the need and value for our contact operations; can evangelize its purpose inside and outside the company.

What Trellis can offer you

Trellis has been a remote-only company since inception and will always be remote-first. We know how to cultivate a successful and highly collaborative team despite the distance. This includes:

  • Quarterly virtual events to connect with your team members while celebrating our success and accomplishments
  • Budget for home office equipment.
  • Clear norms and etiquette around virtual meetings.
  • Semi-annual in person retreats with both work and non-work activities (once travel is safe again)

In addition to being one of the best remote companies to work for, Trellis also offers:

  • A very generous time off policy with unlimited sick and personal days.
  • 100% company-paid Platinum health plans for employees. Generous subsidy for dependents.
  • 401(k) retirement savings plan.
  • A fulfilling, high impact role on a team working to completely change the way people shop for insurance.

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