Company Description

Traveloka is a technology company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded in 2012 by ex-Silicon Valley engineers and aims to revolutionize human mobility with technology. Today Traveloka is expanding its reach by operating in 6 countries and experimenting with new endeavors that will create large impact in the markets and industries we touch.

Job Description

  • Incrementally design and improve our React Native architecture based on product needs and tech advancement

  • Actively engage in collaboration with product teams to increase product development agility and deliver the best products to our users

  • Produce high quality and usability features that are well tested and reviewed

  • Actively involve in team discussions and challenge the team decision making

  • Capable of acquiring and using their native platform (Android, iOS, or Web) knowledge specifically in regards to its relevance to React Native


  • Experience in software engineering and application development in either Web, iOS, or Android platform

  • Strong proficiency in React Native with experience in small to medium React Native projects

  • Knowledge and experience in at least one native platform (Web, iOS, or Android)

  • Comfortable working up and down the technology stack

  • Involve in development of released React Native projects

  • Experience in mentoring is a plus

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