Product Security Engineer at Traveloka will be required to ensure that our products and services are shipped with high security standards through application security testing, hardening, and secure framework. A Product Security Engineer will be smart and self starter. The person needs to find unique ways to understand complex software architecture and should be able to perform manual security code review. They need to be able to integrate security in the software development process with defense-in-depth strategies such as automated testing in CI/CD pipeline. A Product Security Engineer preferably needs to have a software development background and should have practical programming knowledge.

They will work very closely with our Software Engineering Team to implement Secure SDLC in Traveloka. They will also need to have proficiency in handling multiple projects based on different frameworks and groups.



  • Minimum 3 years relevant professional experience or extensive experience in security activities (e.g. CTF, bug bounty, security research, publications, blog)
  • Academic background in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Practical knowledge of modern software development such as microservices, application containerization, REST architecture, object oriented programming, stateless/stateful authentication, and cloud platform
  • Working knowledge of one or more of these programming languages: Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, C#, Objective-C, Swift
  • Experience in security code review, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing.
  • Knowledge of common vulnerabilities such as OWASP Top 10 and CWE including business logic issue (e.g. IDOR)
  • Core skill set in two or more of the following areas:

                                 -JavaScript framework (e.g. React)

                                 -Java framework (e.g. Spring)

                                 -Android / iOS platform



                                 -Automation tool development

                                 -Dynamic debugging

                                 -Unit testing

                                 -Algorithm & data structure

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