Company Description

Traveloka is a technology company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded in 2012 by ex-Silicon Valley engineers and aims to revolutionize human mobility with technology. Today Traveloka is expanding its reach by operating in 8 countries and experimenting with new endeavors that will create large impact in the markets and industries we touch.

Job Descriptions 

       Software engineering takes the central roles for building our products and systems. You will be responsible for designing, building, improving, or maintaining our web applications, third-party data integration, data API, backend systems, or working with monitoring tools and infrastructure.
       You will work in cross-functional teams and meet great people regularly from top tier technology, consulting, product, or academic background. We work in open environment where there are no boundaries or power distance. Everyone is encouraged to speak their mind, propose ideas, influence others, and continuously grow themselves. Get the exposure to multi-aspect, collaborative, intensive startup experience with our recent expansion into Southeast Asia and exploration of new products.
       You will be responsible for designing, building, improving, or maintaining our backend applications, third-party data integrations, data API, scalable and well-designed backend systems, or working with monitoring tools and infrastructure. You will be exposed to several advanced technologies such as search engine including scoring and relevance, reservation engine, automated pricing engine, business process engine, data applications, devops-related applications, new projects or tech initiatives and many more.

Personality Traits:

  •        Excellent communication skills
  •        Growth mindset


  •        Having strong critical and analytical thinking
  •        Excellent problem-solving skill
  •        Logic assessment (note: later can be further developed)
  •        System design assessment (note: later can be further developed)
  •        Fluency in English
  •        Having structured and holistic thinking process
  •        Having minimum 3 years of experience in software engineering, application development or system development
  •        Passion in software engineering, application development, or systems development
  •        Excellent understanding of software engineering concepts, design patterns, and algorithms
  •        Comfortable working up and down the technology stack
  •        Curiosity to explore creative solutions and try new things
  •        Bachelors' degree in Computer Science or equivalent from a reputable university
  •        Tech stack (must have)
    • Programming experience: Java, kotlin
    • Database/datastore experience: RDBMS (e,g., Postgresql), basic SQL, cache store
    • Microservice
    • Experience working on the Cloud  AWS stack: rds, sns/sqs, redis/memcached, ec2, codebuild
    • Jenkins

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