Job Description

The User Interface (UI) Developer spearheads new product development and the improvement of existing products. You will lead the development of drawings for prototyping and production, and conduct technical feasibility analysis of the design plans as well as work in close partnership with stakeholders to revitalize design solutions for outdated products and/or services.

The UI Developer is encouraged to uncover the rising new media technology trends and develop some business acumen to meet the user needs and feasibility of the technology. As a strong communicator, you need to be able to present ideas and concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences. You will be responsible for the coordination with the Engineers in Tech function to ensure the delivery of quality design products. You will also be expected to develop the more junior team members through capability development and technical coaching.

In addition, ability to work on multiple tasks concurrently and deliver on expectations within deadlines with high level of changes and iterations required is crucial for UI Developer. You must demonstrate stakeholder management skills in partnering internal stakeholders to develop quality creative solutions that meet overall business objectives and goals.

Key responsibilities:

Determine design solution requirements

  • Clarify the assigned design project scope, including its goals, requirements, and expectations
  • Develop and communicate requirement-specific solutions to stakeholders
  • Compartmentalise designs into functionally effective components
  • Conduct technical feasibility analysis for choosing the appropriate medium/technology that fits with design intent and specification, user needs, and business goals

Develop prototypes for new products and services Oversee design adjustments made to prototypes

  • Manage components and assemblies of prototypes in adherence to applicable industry and business standards
  • Recommend potential solutions to circumvent future design issues throughout the prototyping process
  • Lead the design and demonstration of product prototypes
  • Lead the development of drawings for prototyping and production
  • Monitor design project execution to ensure timely completion and raise concern early to anticipate delay when required

Evaluate product and service performance and maintain the high standard of design quality

  • Proactively provide explanations regarding the limits of technical solutions and propose alternative / potential solutions to overcome the barriers in achieving the design intent
  • Implement changes and fix errors across the lifecycle of products and/ or services
  • Identify outdated products and/or services and revitalise with design solutions in partnership with stakeholders
  • Evaluate product concepts or technical solutions to identify the most viable products and/or services for implementation
  • Test design solutions with validation activity that meets with design intent and specifications, and get them ready to be implemented in the intended platform
  • Produce designs and test specifications for new visual and/or product and feature ideas, including participation in design research
  • Engage relevant stakeholders to study the technical feasibility of products and/or services before going into the development phase

Conduct Usability Testing

  • Conduct usability and concept testing of design prototypes in laboratory setting, remotely, and real-life setting
  • Analyse and synthesize user and/or expert feedback on the navigation of user interface performance, as well as overall quality of the design solution
  • Recommend refinements and iterations to design based on usability and concept testing results, including identifying potential big ideas for future improvement
  • Monitor the quality of the user interaction and the design from success metric performance overtime, and provide actionable insights to improve product performance


  • Minimum qualifications Between 1–5 years overall work experience as a hands-on UI Developer or Front End Engineer in the industry (education background could range from Computer Science or any other relevant Programming disciplines; or Human-Computer Interaction, Digital Design, or other related field, with equivalent practical design experience). 
  • Portfolio that showcases UIDev craft (and its applications of technical methodology) with some level of understanding of the Human Centered Design methodology (along with its methods and tools), willingness to learn and iterate, and passionate about design and storytelling.
  • Experience working with web and/or mobile based technologies (e.g., HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Android Studio, XCode, etc.). 
  • Fluency in Indonesian and English communications (both verbal and written).
  • A deep sense of accountability, adaptability, and embracing ambiguity working collaboratively in a fast-paced environment.Preferred qualifications
  • Experience working with Design System and with web or mobile based technologies using design and prototyping tools (such as Figma, Sketch, Adobe Creative Cloud, Balsamiq, Zeplin, ProtoPie, Miro, etc.) 
  • An evidence of performing in a multidisciplinary design, business, and tech team is a plus.
  • Some understanding of the eCommerce and/or digital travel and lifestyle industries, extra points for having successfully deliver products in/for the SE Asia and/or regional markets.
  • The ability to form consensus across a broad, fast-moving organization through excellent communication and interpersonal skills (including: negotiation, constructive feedback, presentation, managing expectations, resolve conflicts). 
  • Effective design sensibilities as they relate to applying a brand to digital experiences.

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