# Who we are

We are a well-established independent agency and thriving music business, built to help ambitious brands harness the power of culture to solve their biggest challenges. As a unique mix of experts in culture, technology, and storytelling, we are united by a passion to grow brands in ways that advertising alone can never do. We are an entrepreneurial business – not a traditional “ad agency.” That means we value resourcefulness and tenacity just as much as we value creativity and intelligence. We’re unapologetically ambitious, but we’re also a tight-knit crew.

# What's the role

The Context Director (mid-level) is client-facing on a case by case basis and plays a key role in choreographing campaigns and designing integrated go-to-market plans that incite audience participation. It is your responsibility to gain an in-depth understanding of the people, passions, and platforms that matter most to the audience, and to rethink media in new ways to help our brand partners communicate through the places, spaces, times and people that our audience will be most receptive to.

# What is Context?

Context Direction is a blended strategic and creative discipline that focuses on campaign choreography and bringing a brand message to market over time and across channels.

Essential Responsibilities You’ll Own

Overall, we supply everything from communications plans to curated influencer casting and partnership recommendations to situational risk assessments and audience incentives to drive participation (e.g. social media integration). This level of critical detail is overlaid on top of the creative to ensure a brand's message is never taken out of context and to help demonstrate a brand's cultural fluency amongst its desired audience. Additional responsibilities outlined below:

  • Identify campaign connection points and contribute to the authorship of campaign rollouts 
  • Contribute to building comms plans that demonstrate phasing objectives and corresponding tactics 
  • Leadership of social influencer recommendations, sample social post instructions, and relationship management between partner agencies responsible for talent procurement and contracting
  • Research and identify culturally relevant moments that appeal to our desired audience
  • Create “Get Smart” documents in advance of project kickoffs that help retrace recent brand activity, categorical consumer insights, and white-space opportunities to inform proposed brand activity
  • Contribute creative extension ideas to campaign platforms by demonstrating how far and wide we can expand our core concept
  • Work in lockstep with data strategy to identify the most potent cast members who can embody and amplify a brand message among our desired audience.
  • Forensically deconstruct best-in-class brand and social campaigns to extract key learnings that are of critical significance to our brand partners.
  • Proactively contribute industry and discipline thought leadership to colleagues and throughout the agency (Flash Forecast weekly newsletter).
  • Subscribe to a constant plan of refinements and updates as new tech, media and consumer insights arise.

# Who are we looking for?

You are results and bottom-line oriented, yet will possess deep appreciation and sensitivity towards people, culture, and values. You are “thick-skinned” and persistent, but at the same time diplomatic and politically aware. You are personable, smart, passionate, and optimistic. You possess a deeply pro-active, hands-on mentality. You hold yourself accountable and take great pride in your work – just like us. We’re proudly diverse in our backgrounds, our accents, and our fiercely held personal passions. We are, in every sense of the word, independent, and not beholden to anyone else’s agenda. So are you.

# What will set you up for success

  • Recognize patterns displayed by provocateurs (both people and brands) that incite action and identify mechanics that can be transferred over to brands looking to elicit similar responses from its audience.
  • Become fluent in the cultures our audience subscribes to as well as new media opportunities to influence our partners, platforms, and toolkit additions, sharing emerging opportunities with appropriate teams.
  • Incorporate the passion, excitement and experience of one’s MINOR in relevant ways that inform the quality and output of agencies deliverables.
  • Possess and demonstrate a vibrant connection to and fluency in pop culture and brand trends.
  • Passion for diving deep into research and data to unearth actionable insights that propel the creative
  • Display strong understanding of business concepts and client objectives, enabling you to identify campaign expansion opportunities.
  • Possess and encourage high degrees of initiative, drive, energy, accountability, creativity and maturity
  • Empathy and the ability to see clearly the perspectives and views of others are integral, as is the ability to take creative criticism and move the work forward.
  • Work well as part of a team, with a range of people, but also be action-oriented as an individual (in other words: that entrepreneurial spirit).
  • The ability to demonstrate, evangelize, and live the core values of the agency.
  • 4 years experience as a strategist in a creative agency or digital agency environment.
  • Know that Time spent in a role DOES NOT = Talent for us; you have to BRING IT.
  • 4-year college degree in Marketing, Advertising or Business preferred.

About Translation Enterprises

Translation Enterprises, composed of Translation LLC and UnitedMasters, is a minority-owned marketing and technology company empowering brands and artists to forge authentic connections with audiences a scale through a unique mix of actionable insights, technology, and storytelling. Translation was founded on the power of culture to propel discourses, trends, and movements - and more importantly, be the most unapologetic determinant of what is relevant. For over 15 years, Translation has partnered with brands and creators to build and grow disruptive platforms that foster deeper community engagement. This experience has given us unparalleled insight into the dynamics of culture and affinities that link people together. Backed by Alphabet, Andreessen Horowitz, and 21st Century Fox, we are reimagining how brands and artists tell their stories, create value, and push culture forward.

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