Today, developing countries in Asia and the most remote regions across the world lack access to the internet and with that, the resources to do business, exchange ideas and learn. 


This pressing global issue cannot be adequately resolved with last century’s cable and satellite technology. Transcelestial uses laser technology to accurately create the fastest network on earth and in space. This technology propels connectivity and access to be 1000x faster than what is available today. This is achieved by harnessing light to transfer and relay data at up to 100 Gbps within a network.

What if you could really change the future?

In the next 3 years, Transcelestial will design and power a constellation of nano satellites for terrestrial, satellite and deep space applications. Perhaps, one day soon it will even be possible to send — and receive - information that reaches Alpha Centauri.

Transcelestial is creating the world’s first ever, super fast space laser network. This is a focused team of highly talented Engineers and Research Scientists. Currently in seed stage.

Be a part of our team if you want to define the rules of how our civilization communicates!






To take charge of developing our space optics systems, from conception and design to large scale manufacturing. This role includes not only being an expert in the field of optomechanics but also providing guidance and mentorship to other team members.


Technical Leadership

  • Provide technical leadership in the field of optics and optomechanics
  • Mentor and guide other team members towards learning new skills and growing in their careers
  • Work closely with other technical leads to ensure final product objectives are met and dependencies amongst optics and non optics sub modules are clearly identified and accounted for


Technical Responsibilities 

  • Designing advanced diffraction limited telescopes for space and ground applications, including STOP analysis and Athermal Optics designs
  • Selection of materials for optical systems to work efficiently in space environments 
  • Simulation of optical systems to validated performance in various environments including vacuum and high thermal gradients
  • Tolerancing of optical designs for manufacturability and optimised cost 
  • Designing bonding and calibration mechanisms for assembly of optical system within design tolerances
  • Design testing and qualification mechanisms to assemble and validate the optical system
  • Hands on prototyping of laser optics system for design characterization
  • Communication with the right suppliers and manufacturers on how to manufacturer the optical components according to specifications 
  • Work closely with the rest of the engineering team on integration of optical system into rest of system
  • Peer review all other optics and opto mechanical work performed in the organisation and provide guidance to other engineering team members





  • PhD or Master’s Degree in Physics, Optics, Mechanical Engineering or related technical disciplines with a minimum of 10 years of related experience




  • 10 years of experience in optical design - including designing optics for space programs
  • Excellent technical communication, documentation and time management skills
  • Capable of translating product requirements into technical specifications within the optical domain and identifying interdependencies with other submodules
  • Great at communicating technical interdependencies with other technical leads of various subsystems
  • Advanced knowledge in STOP Analysis for precision optics systems
  • Mastery in optical simulation tools such as Zemax, CODE V; Basic CAD knowledge
  • Mastery in Athermal Optics designs for space environments
  • Highly experienced in precision optomechanical tolerancing and performance analyses for scalable manufacturing
  • Familiar with suppliers and manufacturers of precision optics parts
  • Advanced knowledge of precision optics manufacturing processes and how to optimise designs for costing
  • Advanced knowledge in geometrical and physical optics, radiometry and lens and telescope systems design
  • Familiar with assembly, bonding and measurement techniques for precision optical systems 
  • Advanced understanding of telescope systems design
  • Familiar with optics/metal bonding mechanisms


Transcelestial is working on creating a better connection for everyone on this planet, and we apply many of the same values in accomplishing that end to supporting all our team members at work, and beyond.



  • A competitive salary and stock options package 
  • Flexible work hours
  • Comprehensive and best in industry health plans
  • A monthly book and hobby fund that makes sure our team enjoys their time out of work
  • We try to ensure that a percentage of time at work can be used experimentally to create things needed in space ... for the next 100 years!

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