These roles are about shaping the technical direction of Wayfair. You have the ability to “look around the corner” and guide investments that serve the organization’s long-term needs. This may lead you to propose new initiatives unconstrained by existing architectures and capabilities. Even if they are at odds with others’ world views, you’ll use data to build support. You will have to lead through situations with requirements, risks, and constraints that are not apparent, and often in conflict with each other. You will improve the speed and quality of decision making across the organization by questioning assumptions, suggesting novel approaches, and encouraging rapid execution when a good approach is proposed.

Through mentorship and influence you will be a key brand builder for Wayfair Engineering.

In short, you will establish and communicate the technical vision and strategy for your area of responsibility and, more broadly, Wayfair, to ensure the continued growth and success of our business. 

What might you build for Wayfair?

  • The next generation shopping platform.  As we leap past $10B in revenue we are transitioning to a set of decoupled Java microservices environments (leaving our PHP monolith behind).  Tens of millions of customers visit us monthly and expect a seamless shopping experience across web, mobile web and app.  
  • The future of our Castlegate platform.  Offering proprietary fulfillment and logistics, Castlegate offers inbound logistic solutions via ocean, dray and Asia consolidation services.  Your work will impact all Wayfair customers plus more than 14,000 global suppliers.  
  • A customer-focused Transportation system. Many Wayfair customers purchase large, bulky products (for example outdoor furniture, coffee tables) that are heavy, bulky and prone to damage. We are building the next generation of our own delivery network to offer a top notch delivery experience at low cost to Wayfair.  We also need to consider physical operations within our warehouses that enable associates to easily fulfill these orders.

What skills will you need to be successful?

  • Deep experience shaping the technical direction for high performing, scalable systems with multiple dependencies.
  • A mix of large company and start-up experience is desirable.
  • Hands-on coding skills with nearly any language with a slight preference for Java and C#.  These roles will deliver code 30-50% of the time depending on project, cycle, etc.
  • Designing systems for Kubernetes, containerization and microservices is helpful.
  • Hands-on experience fostering sound software development practices within high-growth environments at scale.
  • Superior organizational and analytical skills with hypothesis-driven problem solving and turning data into actionable insights.

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