Torn Banner Studios

Torn Banner is a mid-sized indie studio that specializes in multiplayer melee combat games. We founded the studio back in 2012 along with the dream that our (at the time) fledgling new title Chivalry: Medieval Warfare would find a big audience. And it did!

We’re on the hunt for new team members that share a passion for cutting edge gaming and want to help create innovative experiences that focus on challenge and fun. We value collaboration, each individual at Torn Banner has a huge impact on the final product that we put out. We put emphasis on being open with each other, giving/receiving critical feedback, and not letting a false sense of authority cloud our vision. The more eyes and input that we have from different disciplines and personality types, the better our releases will be.

If Torn Banner sounds like the place for you, please see our job openings below. We're always on the lookout for great talent, so even if the job you're seeking is not posted, please feel free to submit your resume and let us know what you're interested in!

Current Job Openings


Junior or Intermediate Prop Artist
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (on-site and/or remote in Ontario)


General Application
Global - fully remote