Torc Robotics

We are experts in providing autonomous solutions and we partner with other industry leaders to bring this new technology to work in the real world. If you are a believer in making the impossible possible, you will fit right in at Torc. Our team members are not easily discouraged. They're excited to innovate, conquer new challenges, and work together to make the world a safer and more efficient place. 

If you join our team, you will join a team of driven people, a team that has spent 12+ years developing solutions that keep warfighters away from IEDs, help construction workers perform their jobs in dangerous conditions, and make transportation more accessible and safer for everyone. You will join a team of Torc’rs.

Current Job Openings

Active Sensing & Information Fusion


Enterprise Systems Administrator
IT Systems Administration
Network Engineer
IT Systems Administration
Technical Recruiter
Talent Acquisition



Web Developer

General Software

Machine Learning



Simulation Engineer

Vehicle Safety & Testing