Together Education

Together Education is a non-profit organization that helps entrepreneurs launch high-impact, scalable educational initiatives that support all students in accessing a high-quality education and attaining a choice-filled life.  We provide ongoing support to this interconnected ecosystem of education organizations, allowing them to learn faster and have greater impact together.

We support a variety of programs including: Cooperman College Scholars, a college scholarship program targeting high-potential, underrepresented students from Essex County, NJ; nXu, an innovative program working with diverse groups of high school students to help them articulate and pursue their life purpose; 1World, a program supporting international non-profit organizations in launching and leading high-performing networks of schools; TLAC Online, an online teacher training video program; Relay Lab Schools, a new organization partnering with public school districts to turn around their lowest-performing schools.

You can view jobs for our central Together Education team, as well as for our program teams below.  Our Together Education website is under construction, but please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions:

Current Job Openings