Timescale is looking for an experienced Content Editor. In this role, you would be responsible for helping us elevate the technical content on our blog. At Timescale, our blog represents our primary ethos: “Help First”. We prefer long-form content that is technically deep and accurate, and which informs and educates the reader not only about our products but about broader industry trends and context. Our blog posts involve considerable research and internal discussion before writing even begins. The Content Editor’s role would be to drive the content creation process from the onset in order to ensure that we are bringing the most salient points forward, producing content that is easy to read, and ensuring that developers will find it interesting and engaging.

Timescale is a developer-oriented company. We place an emphasis on winning developer credibility using a combination of highly technical content and grassroots community engagement. We’re looking for people who love developers also, shun buzzwords and jargon, and have a proven track record of writing about technical products (either as a journalist or tech writer). Successful candidates for this position will have a large portfolio of content to which they can refer during the interviewing process.

The role is remote, but English language fluency is a requirement.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assist product, engineering, and developer relations teams in the creation of content for the Timescale blog.
  • Work with authors to build content outlines for broader feedback within the company.
  • Circulate content outlines among product management and product marketing teams to ensure content accurately reflects the most strategic elements of the product and most pressing issues within the developer community.
  • Shepherd the authoring process to ensure authors are producing quality content.
  • Edit content throughout the process for consistent tone and proper English language grammar.
  • Build processes that enable new authors to quickly plug into our content engine.
  • Author all case studies (which we call “Developer Q&As”).
  • Write long-form pieces that showcase how developers in various industries get value out of using TimescaleDB.

Experience and Skills:

  • 4+ years of experience managing a technical blog, producing technical content, or writing about deeply technical topics as a journalist or similar occupation.
  • A gifted communicator who is capable of distilling complex technical subject matter into digestible, actionable prose.
  • Ability to edit deeply technical content without losing necessary details.
  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • Excellent cross-organizational collaboration skills. You can work across the team, across roles, and synthesize viewpoints and reach consensus.
  • A self-starter that can manage and prioritize initiatives that will make developers successful.
  • A passion for developers and nerd culture. 
  • A belief that organizations and industries are best when they are diverse and inclusive, and a commitment to ensuring that everything we do reflects that belief.
  • Works well independently and remotely.

About Timescale 

At Timescale, we are dedicated to serving developers worldwide, enabling them to build exceptional data-driven products that measure everything that matters: software applications, industrial equipment, financial markets, blockchain activity, consumer behavior, machine learning models, climate change, and more. Analyzing this data across the time dimension (“time-series data”) enables developers to understand what is happening right now, how that is changing, and why that is changing. Timescale develops TimescaleDB, the category-defining open-source relational database for time-series data, and offers fully-managed TimescaleDB and related database services. Timescale is a remote-first company with a global workforce and is backed by Benchmark Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Redpoint Ventures, Icon Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, and other leading investors.

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