Timescale is looking for a Developer Advocate to represent our products and time-series data in technical communities around the world. A Developer Advocate is a developer’s best friend. We are engineers with experience building the kinds of systems we advocate for. We are leaders and earnest participants in the developer community. We care deeply about inclusion and providing a positive experience for all developers everywhere we go. At Timescale, Developer Advocates are passionate stewards not only for Timescale’s products and services but also for related communities like Postgres and Prometheus.

In this role, you’ll build amazing online content (articles, videos, blog posts, Twitch live streams) for Timescale as well as third-party developer sites and publications. You’ll build long-lasting relationships with community leaders around the world. You’ll speak at and hold your own virtual events as we seek to navigate our new remote-first world. If you love coding, big data, and community development, you’ll fit right at home here.

Oh, and Timescale is a developer-first company. There will never be confusion in this role about whether or not we’re a developer company. We are, and we embrace it. You’ll also work in an organization where even the marketing people write code. We love developers and you’ll fit right in if you love developers, too.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Create content, videos, and samples from beginner to best practices that demonstrate how to develop and work with Timescale, Postgres, and time-series data.
  • Engage with the community to show how TimescaleDB and time-series data works.
  • Secure high impact speaking opportunities at virtual conferences and meetups
  • Secure content placement opportunities on popular developer blogs, sites, and other channels.
  • Identify external advocates and community leaders, and support them as they talk about Timescale and time-series data independent of us.
  • Synthesize and summarize customer feedback and relay it effectively to the product team.
  • Work closely with the marketing, sales, product teams and company leadership to quickly refine community efforts.
  • Contribute to key OSS projects and building cool, useful libraries and tools for using Timescale and time-series data.
  • Use data, experiments, and customer feedback to drive Timescale adoption in the community.

Experience and Skills:

  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • Excellent presentation creation and delivery skills.
  • A self-starter that can manage and prioritize initiatives that will make developers successful.
  • Previous experience as a developer advocate, developer evangelist, or external developer-focused role strongly desired.
  • Proven experience working with 3rd party communities, social media, and blogging required.
  • A deep understanding and appreciation for the constant and rapid shift in how and where people consume content and share their experiences. 
  • A passion for developers and nerd culture. 
  • A belief that organizations and industries are best when they are diverse and inclusive, and a commitment to ensuring that everything we do reflects that belief 
  • Works well independently and remotely

About Timescale:

Time series is everywhere, and Timescale is helping developers and companies make sense of it.

Businesses worldwide trust TimescaleDB for mission-critical applications from industries as varied as manufacturing, SaaS services, finance and crypto, utilities, gaming, telecom, ad tech, oil & gas, logistics, and the smart home. Applications built on TimescaleDB include IT and DevOps monitoring, IoT, complex sensing and monitoring systems, geospatial asset tracking, operational data warehousing, and financial risk management; via the edge, on-premise, and cloud deployments.

The Timescale team is backed by top tier investors, including Benchmark Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Icon Ventures, and Two Sigma Ventures.

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