Join us on our mission to personalize the investor experience and help people achieve financial freedom.

TIFIN builds engaging experiences through powerful AI and investment-driven personalization. We leverage the combined power of investment intelligence, data science, and technology to make investing a more engaging experience and a more powerful driver of financial well-being.

We hope to change the world of wealth in ways that personalized delivery has changed the world of movies, music and more. In a world where every individual is unique, we believe in the power of AI-based personalization to match individuals to financial advice and investments is necessary to driving wealth goals. 

At TIFIN, we build disruptive IP, not incremental innovation. We operate at high velocity with flexibility, enabled through our focus on stretch goals and action that is measurable. We experiment, learn and adjust in short sprints to find out targets. If you're passionate about transforming the investor experience and excited to grow on the edge of your comfort zone, come and join us!

How we hire:

We move deliberately and with purpose. Our typical interview process lasts 2 weeks and includes 3 stages:

1. Introduction

You'll talk to our Director, Talent on a 30 minute phone call to explore if we're a good fit for each other. The discussion will be focused on cultural alignment because we want to be confident our environment will lead you to success. 

2. Technical Interview

You'll talk to the Hiring Manager over a 30-60 minute video call. Here, we want to figure out if you're got the right experience for the position. This will be a conversational, behavioral interview focused on what you've done before. 

3. Executive Interview 

As the final step, you'll talk to a member of our Executive team, likely our CEO & Founder, President, or another TIFIN Partner. Here, we want to share the vision and growth plans for the company as well as how leadership thinks about culture. 


Current Job Openings

Engineering, Data Science & Machine Learning

Architect, Security & Privacy, Magnifi
San Francisco, NYC, or Boulder, CO




Growth Marketing Lead, PlanIQ
New York City, San Francisco, or Boulder, CO
Head of B2B Growth Marketing, Financial Alternatives
San Francisco, Boulder, CO, or NYC
Head of Growth Marketing, TIFIN
NYC, San Francisco, or Boulder, CO
Head of Marketing Analytics, TIFIN
NYC, San Francisco, or Boulder, CO
Head of Performance Marketing, Magnifi
New York City, San Francisco, or Boulder, CO
Performance Marketing Manager, Totum
New York City, San Francisco, or Boulder, CO


VP Product, Magnifi
Boulder, CO or NYC
VP Product, Totum
Boulder, CO or NYC


CRO, Magnifi
San Francisco or NYC