Tictail is an online marketplace and home to emerging brands from over 140 countries across the globe. As many people depend on Tictail to make their living, backend development at Tictail tends to be very interesting; zero downtime deploys and being able to ship code to production in minutes has been with us from day 1, and today we’re running tens of services in a reliable service-oriented architecture.
As a Backend Engineer at Tictail you will be working in one of our small autonomous teams together with people who are really interested in what they do. You will work closely with your team’s product manager, designers, and other engineers to develop new features, as well as build libraries and tools to help us reuse code and good ideas.
Under the hood, our technology stack is built on AWS. We host our platform on autoscaled Ubuntu EC2 instances backed by RDS. Search is built on top of Elasticsearch and for caching we use Redis. Service discovery and configuration is powered by Consul. While our services communicate over HTTP internally, we still use RabbitMQ for events and notifications. Python is the main backend language at Tictail, but the people we hire are usually language agnostic.

You’ll get to do things like

  • Write a lot of Python 3. To be completely honest, maybe a bit of Python 2 too.
  • Design JSON HTTP APIs, RESTful-ish. Both for internal and external use.
  • Get code reviewed and review code, all the time (you’ll love it).
  • Model the real world in databases and tables. We mostly use Postgres, but we’re not afraid of the JSONB column type when needed.
  • Look at metrics and monitor performance. Optimize where needed.
  • Integrate with third-party API services.
  • Participate in (or lead) discussions and planning for new projects.

The ideal candidate

  • You write code with others in mind - readability is more important to you than showing off your fancy syntax skills.
  • You don't run when you hear the word "frontend" - quite the opposite, you enjoy coding some React every now and then.
  • Attention to detail with an eye on performance, you know what is worth optimizing and when.
  • You're a true team player and inherently positive. Where others see problems, you see solutions.
Small businesses from over 140 countries around the world call Tictail home. We know it’s the diversity of our community that makes it as strong and dynamic as it is, and it’s our ongoing mission to ensure that our workplaces reflect the same wide range of backgrounds, personalities, interests, skills, and stories. We want everyone in the Tictail community—both online and in our offices—to feel that their needs are met, their voices are heard, and that they have all the necessary tools and opportunities to succeed.
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