Hi! We’re Tiatros. We’re working toward a world free of preventable mental illness and chronic disease. We’re doing this through a versatile digital platform that provides a lifetime of effective and affordable mental health, addiction, and wellbeing services. Our founder created Tiatros to address a need exposed when her two sons came home from military service with PTSD. Despite access to top-tier mental healthcare, she saw her sons struggle to find the right care for their specific needs. Thus, the idea for Tiatros emerged: to create a scalable, digital platform that provides mental healthcare services tailored to meet individual needs at scale. 

We’re an investor-backed female-founded company partnering with large technology and healthcare companies to provide evidence-based mental health services to users around the world. We need mission-driven, passionate folks to join us. If this sounds like a fit, we would love to hear from you!

Current Job Openings

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