We’re building a personalised healthcare service that will change the way people approach their health. Our vision is to put better health in people's hands through through tools they can trust, advice they can action and the support to get them there. 

We think it's too hard to understand what’s going on inside our bodies — leading to big problems later on as our lifestyles catch up with us. We want to change that, hopefully with your help! We need to inspire behavioural change in an often tricky and slow-moving industry. So we have to stand out and be credible while we're doing it.

We’re a growing team of tech, product, marketing, scientists and medical people who truly care about what we do.

How did it start?

Thriva was launched in early 2016 by three cofounders: Eliot Brooks, Tom Livesey & Hamish Grierson.

Eliot has a genetic condition that means he has to go for regular blood tests. He was frustrated with how difficult the process was and the lack of ownership over his results. So the founders set out to change this and Thriva was born! Not only does it solve problems for people like Eliot, it also reaches a much wider community of people looking to be proactive about their health.

Where are we now?

We're currently a team of about 50 based in London. We have a fast growing consumer subscription product, a partner platform, and so much more exciting stuff in the pipeline. We’re creating something entirely new and we’re aware that we don’t know everything. So we’re constantly trying new things to understand how we can improve people's lives.

Current Job Openings


Head of Clinical Operations
London, England, United Kingdom


Customer Experience

Customer Experience Agent
London, England, United Kingdom


Finance Assistant
London, England, United Kingdom


Head of Growth
London, England, United Kingdom



Backend Software Engineer
London, England, United Kingdom
Lead Frontend Engineer
London, England, United Kingdom
Lead Technical Architect
London, England, United Kingdom
Senior Backend Software Engineer
London, England, United Kingdom
Senior Mobile Software Engineer (React Native)
London, England, United Kingdom
Senior Technical Program Manager
London, England, United Kingdom