Our Mission

Threads’ mission is to make work more inclusive. We believe that companies are full of people who have incredible ideas, however, only a fraction of them get shared. This is because as teams scale, ideas get lost in the pile of messages, meetings, and notes shared on tools today. 

Through our platform, we’re able to empower both individuals and teams to share, discuss, and make decisions at scale. We firmly believe that better communication leads to better decisions, and with Threads, inclusion means everyone has a voice to assure better business outcomes.  Our team brings a wealth of experience from world-class companies like Slack, Twitter, Facebook and more. While our headquarters is based in San Francisco, we also have full-time remote employees in both the United States and Canada.

Threads is well funded from firms like Sequoia, and a 50/50 gender cap table full of a diverse set of investors.

Current Job Openings


Senior Full-Stack Engineer
San Francisco or US/Canada Remote


Account Executive
San Francisco or US Remote
Sales Leader
San Francisco or US Remote