Job name:Curriculum Developer/ Insturctor (Coding)


Category: Full time  contract


Company Overview

Xueersi Coding and Innovation, a division within TAL's Xueersi Online School, is a pioneering platform in China dedicating to the development of core competencies for students. We provide comprehensive learning programs for elementary and secondary school leanrers of all ages who have an interest in coding and technology innovations.

With a mission to nurture the next generation of thinkers and innovators, we focus on cultivating computational thinking, problem-solving, technical application, and information literacy for youth through project-based learning and hands-on applications.


We are proud to have a strong team of educators and researchers from top universities both in China and abroad. Our learning design is backed by pedagogy expertise and a evidence-based design approach that delivers a substaintial number of competitive products. Our digital learning platform supports real-time learner interactions and immediate performance feedback, creating learning experience beyong the traditional classroom settings.


  1. Design and develop learning roadmaps, lesson plans and curriculum materials of our coding education products, and provide support for content delivery and evaluation
  2. Teach live-streaming lessons according to the curriculum plan, iterate teaching materials, improve teaching quality, manage daily issues from students and parents, provide after-class assignment feedback, and answer inquiries to ensure student retention
  3. Participate in weekly teaching activities organized by the instruction team
  4. Maintain teaching standards and actively seek to enhance teaching skills as required
  5. Develop tailored competition preparation plans based on students' ability levels


  1. Proficiency in programming languages such as C++, Python, or Scratch; a degree in Computer Science or a related field preferred
  2. A track record of achievement in competitions is a plus, including but not limited to ACM-ICPC, NOIP, CSP-J/S, or equivalent
  3. A passion for education; understand the cognitive development process of childern age 8-12
  4. Ability to quickly learn new knowledge and skills
  5. Strong collaboration skills
  6. Proactive, thoughtful, and innovative with meticulous attention to detail and a positive altitude



Competitive salary package ranging from 300,000-500,000 RMB per annum



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