Job Title: Programming teaching/curriculum design

Location: Beijing, China

Category: Full time contract


Company Overview:

Xueersi programming is based on "Chinese students' core literacy" and focuses on cultivating children's four core literacy of "rational thinking", "problem solving", "technology application" and "information awareness".

With "thinking ability" and "creativity" as the core of curriculum design, the teaching method of "project" + "practice" continues to improve children's thinking ability and enhance programming cognition.


Key Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for programming related course product design, including course design, courseware making, textbook writing, course explanation, etc.;

2. Conducted live lectures according to teaching and research plans and requirements, improved teaching level by constantly improving handouts and polishing lessons, maintained daily problems of class students and parents, corrected and explained homework and answered questions after class, and took responsibility for retention

3. Participate in teaching activities organized by teaching organizations every week

4. Abide by the teachers' code of conduct and actively improve the teaching level as required

5. Reasonably plan the competition plan according to the student foundation



1. Computer related major is preferred, proficient in C++, python or scratch programming languages

2. there is a basis for winning competitions, including but not limited to ACM-ICPC, NOIP, CSP-J/S and other related competitions

3. Have good learning ability and team writing ability, understand the interests and cognitive development rules of 8-12 years old children, and love education

4. good learning ability, can quickly master new knowledge and skills;

5. Active and responsible, good at thinking and innovation, careful and optimistic.



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