Young Leader Pathfinder (Talent Agent)

Have you always been that go to person amongst your family and friends when it comes to sharing information about opportunities? Do you find yourself guiding people towards information and connections that help them solve a current problem they have? We are searching for someone to serve as a guiding north star for hundreds of dynamic young leaders who are going to transform Africa with your help. If you’re a natural relationship builder and someone who has a passion for helping young people ‘navigate ’ their journeys to fulfill their potential and connect the dots on their life’s mission, we might just be looking for you.


At The Room, we work with the world's most ambitious doers to accelerate their impact. We do this by connecting exceptional people to each other and opportunities that allow them to do more for the world. Individuals from around the world find and share opportunities, events, networks and resources to co-create a collective where opportunity and talent meet. The Room as a platform is here to support members become the best version of themselves while sharing in the joy and fulfillment of helping others do the same.


As a Young Leader Pathfinder, you will work hand-in-hand with our Young Leaders in building the foundation for a career of impact. You will help them navigate their early career challenges to achieve their life's missions and aspirations, by giving them the necessary guidance and connections to propel their growth.

In this role, you will be at the core of The Room’s impact. While managing a portfolio of 300 Young Leaders at scale, you will help them achieve their goals by ensuring you understand their life purpose and define how The Room can best support them achieve the success they desire.

The pathfinder role is a dynamic one that will challenge you to exercise a broad set of skills on a daily basis. On one day you might find yourself leading one on one conversations with a Young Leader, providing continuous support and guidance, channeling your inner coach. While on the next day you will need to show up as a forward thinker and innovator who can easily connect the dots between Young leaders’ aspirations and The Room’s offerings, scouting relevant opportunities, events and resources that would benefit them.

You will be an internal and external community builder; You will be at the forefront of many organisational interdependencies and will work closely with other internal teams to maintain streamlined communication lines and processes. You will also actively drive member interactions to help build a strong community by facilitating a dialogue between members so that their mutual benefit guides them towards fulfilling their respective objectives.


  • Highly skilled and confident communicator - to build and maintain a strong network
  • Assured decision maker - to confidently support and advise members
  • Great multitasker - to stay on top of many competing needs and demands
  • Creative thinker and good problem solver - to cope with frequently shifting priorities and unexpected tasks
  • Exceptionally organised and efficient - to ensure the member experience is always at its best
  • Excellent listener - to understand your members’ needs
  • Utmost discretion and confidentiality - to treat your members’ information with professionalism
  • Customer-centric mindset - to ensure we deliver the expected level of service
  • Prompt follow up - to ensure our members always have the information they need
  • Attention to detail - to stay connected to the nuances that enhance the member experience


This is a remote position that can be based out of anywhere in the world.

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