Theragun® is now Therabody™. Leading the tech wellness space by creating cutting-edge products to provide natural wellness solutions for everyone.

Our singular mission is to help people feel better naturally. We believe that when people feel better, they’re freer to do what moves them. We’re committed to continuous innovation and surround ourselves with specialists, thought leaders, and experts - inside and outside of the office.

We’re dedicated to leading the tech wellness industry, and that starts with our employees. If you thrive in creative environments, are concerned with big, innovative ideas, love to collaborate, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and are driven to succeed, get in touch with us. Together we can push the limits of what can be achieved for everybody.

Current Job Openings

Customer Experience


Graphic Designer
Los Angeles


Director of eCommerce
Los Angeles
eCommerce Specialist
Los Angeles


Account Manager - Australia
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Country Manager - Australia
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Logistics Manager
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Sales Operations Associate
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia




Account Manager
Los Angeles

Social & Content

Head of Social Media
Los Angeles