Newsette Media Group

The Newsette is a media company that empowers, motivates, and informs women every morning. Our mission is to make women across the globe feel more powerful every single day with engaging and digestible content. It’s like a morning latte for your inbox (but not anywhere near your keyboard because: lesson learned). We’re working on some first-of-their-kind projects with the world's biggest brands that are going to surprise and delight a bunch of people. 
We founded Newland, our creative agency, in order to help our partners tell their stories at scale. We are a female and minority-founded creative agency dedicated to uplifting the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders and voices through our work. We’re a team of creative strategists, digital storytellers, award-winning editors, and designers. We’re working on some impactful, storytelling-led campaigns with the world's biggest brands that are going to surprise, delight and resonate. 

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