The Ascent team is looking for a writer with in-depth knowledge of the essential software and financial tools for small-business owners. They'll have a knack for research, the adaptability to handle a wide variety of assignments, and a passion for helping entrepreneurs grow their business.

Who we are

The Motley Fool's mission is "To make the world smarter, happier, and richer." For 30 years that has meant providing impartial investment recommendations with a healthy portion of personal finance guidance on the side. And as we seek to empower everyone with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to attain financial freedom, our coverage continually expands.


We launched The Ascent, a Motley Fool brand, in 2018 to rate and review critical financial products like credit cards and savings accounts, as well as to provide jargon-free advice on topics ranging from debt payoff to saving for a home. There's a lot of money advice out there (some good, some less good), and we're cutting through the noise that often leaves people feeling confused and unconfident about key financial decisions.


So now that you know who we are at The Ascent, let's talk about you.


What would you do in this role?

The Ascent team is looking for an experienced small-business writer with a passion for researching all manner of topics and providing readers with reliable information and advice. They'll write new reviews and educational pages on:

  • Payroll, accounting, tax preparation, and project management software
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Credit cards and bank accounts for small businesses
  • Small-business grants
  • And more!


They'll also update existing pages to maintain accuracy and consistency with our ever-changing standards. Our writers are free to pitch articles on topics that interest them, and we also create new assignments for writers to tackle. Everybody takes part in brainstorming, and we welcome fresh perspectives!


This writer will have the freedom to work in multiple verticals. (Check out our site's top nav to get a feel for what we cover.) Whatever the topic, they'll dive deep into it and surface the information our readers need to make the best choice.


Okay, but what will you actually do in this role?

  • Write new reviews, "best-of" pages, and educational pages on software and financial products for small businesses, as well as a variety of related topics.
  • Update vital Ascent pages to ensure they are up to date, meet our current standards, and provide not only the essential information, but also any appropriate opinions and advice. If a credit card's terms have changed, for example, then so must our review -- and perhaps our opinion of it, too!
  • Use and continually learn about SEO best practices.
  • Write both timely and evergreen articles on a wide variety of small-business topics.
  • Pitch article ideas based on relevant news or whatever will 1) grab readers' attention and 2) serve their best financial interests.
  • Accept writing assignments and deliver them on deadline.
  • Adapt to our ever-evolving needs, processes, formats, etc.
  • Attend monthly meetings with in-house staff to discuss new initiatives and best practices.
  • Prove that Bigfoot is real.


(We'll settle for 7 out of 8.)


What do you need to apply?

  • 3+ years' experience writing on small business, with previous publishing credits.
  • Basic math skills. (Ex: You should be able to walk our readers through an example of how much money they might save by switching to a high-yield savings account.)
  • Knowledge of digital media and SEO best practices.
  • The ability to write clear, fluid, and engaging prose.
  • Adaptability and responsiveness to feedback.


In your application, please provide at least three writing samples.

A few things to note:

  • In a turbulent industry, our track record of financial stability stands out.
  • The Motley Fool's writers tend to stick with us for years. Many have been here a decade or more.
  • Experience in journalism and/or writing for organic search is a major plus -- but not a requirement.

Note on Compensation

For new content, we pay anywhere from $150 for short-form articles to $500 for product reviews. Most hourly work, including updates to existing Ascent pages, pays $100 per hour.

Pay Range Per Project
$100$500 USD

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