If your friends constantly ask you where they should go on a third date, or you’re always tasked with picking the restaurant for a group dinner - you might be our person. We’re looking for local restaurant enthusiasts to help us with our coverage in Atlanta. In this role, you’d be contributing to the  site with restaurant reviews and neighborhood/situational guides (i.e. Where To Go On A Date, Where To Eat In Old Fourth Ward, The First Timer’s Guide).

What you won't be doing is going to restaurant openings, interviewing chefs, or writing long-feature stories about how peanut milk is the next big thing. (Not only would that stop us from being unbiased, but we also don't think those things are a service to our readers. Also, WTF is peanut milk?) Which means you do not need to have experience as a professional food writer. In fact, we prefer to work with people who don't have ties to the industry. The most important thing is that you know Atlanta and its restaurants - from the newcomers to the longtime classics (and everything in between).

What you'll do in this role:

  • Act as the one of the primary writers of reviews and guides for The Infatuation
  • Help us build and grow The Infatuation's presence in Atlanta
  • Work closely with our company's experienced editors, writers, marketers, and creatives

If you're right for this role, you:

  • Have deep knowledge of and passion for restaurants and bars in Atlanta
  • Enjoy recommending the perfect restaurant for every situation
  • Know your way around tons of neighborhoods, and would be psyched to explore more of them
  • Love to write
  • Are pretty funny - at least some people think so
  • Love Atlanta

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