The Holding Co.

The Holding Co. is launching out of an exploration of the state of care in the US with Pivotal Ventures, an investment and incubation company created by Melinda Gates, and IDEO. Caregiving—caring for kids, caring for the aging, the work of running households and supporting family life, and more—falls disproportionately on women’s shoulders and can be a barrier to women’s participation in the workforce and society. We’re out to fix that. The Holding Co. is a design-led lab that partners with innovators through rapid sprints to build the solutions that women and families need to succeed in the modern world. Imagine: more affordable and higher quality childcare, new technology to age in place, new services to ease household labor, new ways for care and work to intersect. We work across venture-backed start-ups, established nonprofits, the public sector, and Fortune 500s to ensure these kinds of solutions achieve product-market fit and reach all families that need them. 

Current Job Openings


Product Designer
San Francisco, CA
Senior Brand Designer
San Francisco, CA