The Farmer's Dog


Our company was inspired by a puppy named Jada. Just a simple change in diet — from highly processed brown balls to fresh meat and veggies — had miraculous effects on her overall health. Jada’s dad, Brett, and his co-founder, Jonathan realized the commercial pet food industry was putting more energy into creating beautiful bags and marketing fluff than truly healthy dog products. So they teamed up with top veterinary nutritionists to create exactly the fresh, complete, and convenient pet food service that they wished existed for their own dogs. 

Using proprietary technology, age, breed, size, activity level, sensitivities and more are all factored into each pup’s personalized plan. The veterinarian-designed meals are cooked in a USDA-certified kitchen, then delivered in ready-to-serve packages within days of preparation — unlike the shelf-stable, preservative-riddled commercial options.

The Farmer’s Dog is creating a new class of consumer brand, bringing peace of mind to our customers, health to their companions, and fundamentally changing the way people think about living life with their pets. 

Our story has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Vogue, and more — and we’d love to tell you about it too! Say hi:

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