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We believe there is a place for open, safe and honest discourse in the world. We want to be the home and driving force for this discussion and change. The Doe was founded to evolve discussion on the web by creating cultural change through an open-minded community of storytellers, visionaries and those with unique perspectives that need to be heard.


Our freelance Content Writer plays a critical role in providing our members with informative, educational, helpful content.  The role calls for being one part content strategist, as well as one part writer—who works to develop and manage an editorial calendar and write/create everything from blog posts to thought leadership articles to video scripts to whatever innovative content you can imagine. You are highly observant and an adaptable idea person who understands great concepts that can come from anyone and anywhere. You love inbound marketing and identifying opportunities to connect with customers through high-quality content. You are a natural-born storyteller that both loves the craft and the response from your audience.  You have a passion for long-form writing and can write a 700-word blog post with SEO-optimized language with ease. You will be responsible for working with the Marketing team to apply the brand voice throughout The Doe content.  


You’ll work primarily within the digital realm, so any portfolio of content you submit should reflect this. We love seeing overall brand solutions and smaller tactics in your book. 


  • Location: Remote
  • Status: Full-Time
  • Hours: Can commit to hours around the 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. MST time frame
  • Eligible to work in the United States


  • Strong portfolio that shows excellent past work in the digital space
  • 1+ years in the marketing and advertising world
  • 1+ years leading or contributing to article, blog and ebook writing
  • Excellent verbal communication when interfacing with senior-level executives to understand their marketing/content development requirements
  • Value an environment of psychological safety and diversity of thought
  • Passion for shifting culture in a positive direction through digital platforms
  • Experience working in a creative / technology-driven startup a plus


  • Create B2C marketing content that builds brand preference, audience engagement, digital authority, and website traffic
  • Accelerate lead creation, conversion, and revenue by providing compelling and high-engagement content
  • Develop the ongoing editorial content calendar that drives organic search and conversion
  • Produce well-researched content for multiple channels - website, blog, email nurtures, ads, sales collateral, videos, and more
  • Work directly with designers on the Marketing team to execute exceptional creative work and apply brand voice
  • Apply strong research and interviewing skills that enable the collection of essential information from secondary online sources and subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Own time management and project management experience to handle multiple time-sensitive projects, reporting to the Chief Marketing Officer via the Sr. Copywriter

This is not your typical magazine or editorial company. We're looking for someone who wants to help reinvent publishing from the ground up; someone who recognizes the urgent need for verified but anonymous contributions to our cultural conversation and who is not afraid to think boldly. 

If that's you, let's talk!

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