At the AI2 Incubator, we build AI-first startups.

We help true founder/entrepreneurs (CEOs) to pair with highly-technical, engineering-oriented cofounders that specialize in A.I. (CTOs). We then help these new teams come up with ideas, define their product, incorporate the latest A.I. techniques into their technology, engage pilot customers, and raise millions of dollars in seed funding. 

Along the way, we make two investments: Right at the beginning, to give cofounders breathing room to find an idea, and again when a team is ready to start ramping their traction story. The process takes 12-18 months—to go from ideas on a whiteboard to a multimillion dollar seed round. And as your co-founder, we are with you every step of the way.

Entrepreneurs join our incubator for three reasons.

1) A.I. TALENT & RESEARCH—We offer privileged access to world-class A.I. talent, the latest A.I. research (and paper authors!), and unique technical mentorship.

2) INNOVATION COMMUNITY—We provide inclusion in an innovation-focused ecosystem, surrounded by an inspiring and supportive community of founders. 

3) PRE-SEED FUNDING—We offer up to 18-months of breathing room to find an idea you love, form a team, build traction, and close a seed round.

A proven track record.

We have incubated numerous startups (including,, and more)—that collectively have raised $28M in funding, are valued at $115M, employ over 100+ people, and we've already had one acquisition (Baidu bought Moreover, our research institute has grown to a team of 100+ A.I. PhDs, researchers, engineers, and support staff—with 1,200+ collective years of engineering and A.I. research experience—who have published 227 published papers (with nine best paper awards) while at AI2.

About you:

Key Activities

  • Generate insights that solve problems in big and/or expanding markets.
  • Conceive of novel solutions and validate them with representative customers.
  • Clarify and validate value proposition and key features.
  • Devise and validate go-to-market strategy.
  • Close early sales.
  • Cultivate a winning culture.
  • Attract, retain, and develop world-class talent.

Key Qualifications

  • Ideally, 5+ years starting companies and leading them to scale or purchase.
  • Ideally, proven track record raising and negotiating venture funding.
  • If no direct startup experience, at least 7+ years of building successful products from the ground up.
  • Experience managing a Board of Directors and/or corporate stakeholders.
  • Ability to lay out a clear and compelling vision and successfully execute against a vision.
  • Ability to be tremendously adaptable and devise a path forward in situations with limited clarity.
  • Unquestionable integrity with a bias towards action.
  • Ability to make decisions and manage people based on evidence and data, not opinions.

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