Company Overview: Terray Therapeutics is a venture-backed biotechnology company led by pioneers and long-time leaders in artificial intelligence, synthetic chemistry, automation, and nanotechnology. We’re generating chemical data purpose-built to propel drug discovery into the information age — and we’re doing it on a larger scale and faster than has ever before been possible.

Our closed loop system generates precise chemical datasets at unrivaled scale that work seamlessly with AI to systematically map biochemical interactions between small molecules and causes of disease. Iterative cycles of virtual molecular design and experimentation power AI and machine learning models, which in turn guide the next cycle of design. With a chemistry engine that measures billions of interactions daily and becomes increasingly precise with every cycle, we can answer an unprecedented array of questions — deriving insights that enable us to predictably create drugs for patients in need.

Position Summary: Terray Therapeutics is seeking an innovative and motivated experienced medicinal chemist to join our chemistry team. The role will entail design of novel chemical matter based on tNova and structure-based design, as well as playing a key role in building our medicinal chemistry laboratory capabilities. Additionally the successful candidate would be expected to communicate effectively and work closely with other key functions at Terray: biology, computation/data science and automation.

Experience and Qualifications: Given the company’s size, anticipated growth and fast-paced environment, the organization requires a scientist who is thoughtful, high energy and can work effectively with the chemistry team to further enhance our next generation drug discovery capabilities. 

Part of Terray Therapeutics’ success is nurtured by a hands-on work environment where everyone is accountable, everyone is vested in a vision of excellence, and everyone actively takes part in the success of the business. Terray Therapeutics supports a positive work environment of engaged employees who feel appreciated, recognized and free to be creative.

Required Qualifications:

  • BSc or MSc/MPhil degree in organic chemistry or related field and 10 years of medicinal chemistry experience OR PhD in organic chemistry and 5 years of medicinal chemistry experience.
  • Experience in parallel synthesis and purification methods and demonstrated laboratory leadership and knowledge.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Safe laboratory practices and ability to multitask to achieve a high level of productivity.
  • Proven problem solving skills and multiple examples of advancing medicinal chemistry programs.
  • Strong written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Desire to be a team player in a cross-functional environment.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with intracellular targets and design of orally bioavailable molecules.
  • Experience managing direct reports, setting goals and supporting their career development.
  • Experience in working with external chemistry teams.
  • Strong track record in scientific and/or patent publications.

She/he will exhibit the ability to work well under pressure to provide results in a short timeframe. The company is looking for a highly responsive, goal-oriented individual who will bring significant energy and drive to solve complex technical problems and help us achieve our mission to advance human health.

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