Terminal 49

Terminal 49's goal is to make global trade more efficient and less expensive.

We are the first logistics service to bring true visibility and efficiency to the last mile transportation of shipping containers by truck. Our software-enabled container trucking service provides an industry-leading level of automation and sophistication, allowing the world's largest importers and exporters to save money and drive efficiency in an otherwise antiquated industry.

Founded in 2015, Terminal 49's team of Y Combinator alumni, “Forbes 30 under 30” recipients, and ex-Googlers have been backed by phenomenal investors including Initialized Capital and the founder of self-driving car startup Cruise Automation and Firebase. We're a team of smart and visionary people who enjoy having fun during and after work, understand the importance of work-life balance and provide a family-friendly and inclusive work environment.

Current Job Openings at Terminal 49

There are no current openings.