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Terminal 49

With everything we do at Terminal 49, we challenge the status quo. We deeply care about empowering organizations with fewer resources and influence to succeed in a global marketplace that is dominated by large corporations.

Terminal 49 is a digital freight forwarding service helping small and medium-sized companies to move their products around the world through a modern online logistics platform. Our customers enjoy greater control, less friction, and a lower price point, while we handle the complexities of international shipping and fulfillment. With Terminal 49, companies can focus on building and growing their business while we seamlessly handle their global supply chain all through a simple online platform on their behalf.

Founded in 2015, Terminal 49's team of Y Combinator alumni, “Forbes 30 under 30” recipients, and ex-Googlers have been backed by exceptional investors including Initialized Capital and the founder of self-driving car startup Cruise Automation. We're a small team of smart and visionary people who enjoy having fun during and after work, understand the importance of work-life balance and provide a family-friendly and inclusive work environment.

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