The aim of this recruitment is for Tencent XR Lab in London, UK.  Your role is to research and develop advanced computer graphics algorithms and methods for efficient real-time scene rendering in a VR/AR/XR context together with a team of talented researchers and engineers. The aim is to improve on state-of-art in visual fidelity, performance, and saliency in areas such as foveated rendering, compositors, eye-tracking driven rendering, etc.

You may also submit your research outcome for publication at major computer graphics and XR/VR/AR conferences, subjecting to internal IP approval and patent application.   


  • Research, develop and prototype advanced algorithms and technologies in one or more of the following domains:
    • Foveated rendering possibly including handling of eye-tracking driven rendering
    • Frame compositors and temporal anti-aliasing and reconstruction techniques.
    • General graphics techniques such as lighting models, global illumination, fog and volumetrics, particle systems, for stereoscopic rendering.
    • Novel/alternate shading techniques for stereoscopic rendering: object-space shading, texel-based shading, cloud-based rendering, …
    • Machine/deep learning real-time graphics techniques.
    • Real-time image and video processing.
    • General GPU processing techniques.
    • Overall latency reduction techniques.
    • Efficient culling strategies for stereoscopic rendering.
  • Analyse and improve efficiency, accuracy, scalability, and stability of currently deployed hardware and software systems in VR/AR.
  • Develop novel tools, techniques, and best-practices for content developers using XR/VR/AR platforms.
  • Optimize and integrate prototype code into production systems that will be used by millions of players.
  • Minimize inefficiencies and latency to improve overall system performance.


  • Graduating in 2023 from Master or PhD degree program in EU or UK in the field of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Robotics, Machine Learning, Mathematics, or equivalent.
  • Strong knowledge of mathematical and numerical optimization, linear algebra, and 3D geometry.
  • Strong knowledge in computer graphics, video game development, or machine learning.
  • 3+ years programming experience in C++, familiar with modern C++ features.
  • 3+ years GPU-programming experience using either OpenGL, Vulkan, DirectX 11/12, or CUDA.
  • Availability to work legally in London, UK
  • Proficient English language skills


  • Experience in 3D computer graphics including but not limited to real-time rendering in computer games, specific rendering techniques (hair, skin, participating media, global illumination, shadows, etc.), real-time ray-tracing, and asynchronous compute-based techniques.
  • Strong understanding of modern GPUs and how to develop efficient algorithms that can exploit the power of GPU parallelism.
  • Experience with machine learning and developing and deploying real-time ML models.
  • Strong coding skills in C/C++ and GLSL/HLSL, and experience working in a Linux environment.
  • Published papers at leading computer graphics, or machine learning, or robotics conferences or journals, such as CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, ACCV, BMVC, WACV, 3DV, SIGGRAPH, ICCP,  Neurlps, ICLR, ICRA, IROS, RSS, and ISMAR, or in major CV/ML/CG/Robotics journals.  
  • Demonstrated software engineering experience via previous internship, work experience, coding competitions, or widely used contributions in open source repositories.
  • Able to work independently, and to create and support a productive and innovative team, including working with peers, managers, and teams.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Tencent:
Diversity, equity and inclusion are important, interdependent components of our workplace. As an equal opportunity employer, we firmly believe that diverse voices fuel our innovation and allow us to better serve our users and the community. We foster an environment where every employee of Tencent feels supported and inspired to achieve individual and common goals. 

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