Job Responsibilities

  1. Analyze the organization and talent development needs with in-depth understanding of Korea local business and talents.
  2. Integrate internal resources and provide HR solutions to drive HR policy implementation in Korea teams and invest companies with the support of Tencent HR Platform.
  3. Focus on the integration and development of talents, provide support and guidance to enhance the capabilities of the management, and maintain communication and feedback with headquarters.
  4. Assist in talent management, team development and organizational culture building to promote business ethics and Tencent's core values in all efforts.
  5. Act as HR interface person of Tencent investment company and promote HR system build and development according to the business strategy.


Job Requirements:

  1. Bachelor's Degree or above, with 5+ years of experience in HR related filed.
  2. Good understanding of Korea culture and familiarity with Korean HR and fiscal related law and regulations.
  3. High HR and business sensitivity with the capability of intendent HR decision making.
  4. Expert in providing HR constructive solution and good at integrating resources to drive goal achievement.
  5. Experience in gaming companies, internet and technology industry is preferred.

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