Senior Global Recruiter (Executive Research)


Job Responsibilities:

  1. Lead and execute the executive search process and build a network in the external talent market.
  2. Provide outstanding partnerships with hiring leaders, domain talent expertise, and a deep understanding of the vertical industry insights. 
  3. Identify, engage, evaluate, and recruit executive-level candidates, providing in-depth research on the talent and market landscape.
  4. Source passive candidates through research and various sourcing channels, designing creative outreach strategies and delivering significant impact on talent attraction.  
  5. Build strong relationships with leadership talent in the marketplace and internal stakeholders.


Job Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or above, with at least five years of experience in Recruiting or Executive Recruiting with a focus on the tech industry or gaming industry.
  2. Experience in building and cultivating relationships with Top-tier candidates in a global business environment.
  3. Experience in recruiting or a research capacity within executive search or in-house executive recruiting.
  4. Demonstrate mature attitude and outlook; understanding decision-making in different scenarios; possess high self-motivation.
  5. Strong analytical, detail-oriented problem solver with excellent communication skills.

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