Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for formulating and implementing Tencent's overseas recruitment policies
  2. Conduct benchmarking research and utilizing data-driven mindset, so as to provide in-depth comprehensive analysis and continuously optimizing the overseas recruitment system
  3. Participate in the construction and optimization of the overseas recruitment system
  4. Undertake the roles and responsibilities of a project manager when taking part in the system construction projects


Job Requirements:

  1. Possess managerial experience in strategic or manpower planning; organizational research and related projects in medium-sized enterprises or large corporations; hands-on experience in implementing enterprise-wide projects is highly preferred.
  2. Possess strong capabilities of diagnosing and analyzing problems; ability to formulate core logic or critical paths promptly; proficient at designing solutions.
  3. Fast learner with curiosity to delve into open-ended problems and the ability to expedite solutions tenaciously and steadily
  4. Excellent interpersonal skills; teamwork; self-driven and open-minded
  5. Good command of English, with the ability to use English at work.

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