1. Setup marketing yearly plan and budget application based on business goals.
  2. Setup online and offline marketing events to attract customer and release new product.
  3. Create innovative digital marketing campaigns for branding and lead generation.
  4. Maintain communication with local media and send out press releases related to successful business case.
  5. Manage contract and other marketing related activities.


  1. Have local media and marketing channel resources.
  2. Familiar with local market characteristics and promotion methods.
  3. Have the ability to plan online promotion campaign and set up offline events, be responsible for the initiation, execution and landing of marketing activities, control the creativity and communication quality of the activities, and be responsible for the conversion effects of the activities.
  4. Understand the characteristics of the Korean local cloud market and customer portraits, and formulate marketing branding strategy plans based on industry development trends, business needs and market analysis.
  5. Have a certain understanding of cloud products, and can assist in the completion of brand promotion, PR drafts, product promotion copywriting and other material copywriting content.
  6. Fluent in Chinese, both spoken and reading.

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