What you will be doing:

1. Combining the product stage and regional characteristics, responsible for the marketing of the MOBA category in Russia, and can independently execute the brand strategy
2. Follow up the implementation and resumption of Russian regional marketing special promotion; cooperate with the operator to formulate a version promotion plan;
3. Expand Russian regional market cooperation resources and enhance the influence and exposure of the product
4. Responsible for regional marketing budget planning, and manage the specific use of the budget
5. Responsible for regional public relations dissemination, and public opinion processing; understand the Russian regional market situation

What we expect from you:

1. Understand the local users in Russia, able to use English as the working language (communication, reading, and writing), Russian is preferred
2. More than 3 years of overseas market promotion or cooperation experience, Russian market promotion experience is preferred;
3. Love and familiar with gaming industry, MOBA category game promotion experience are preferred;
4. Strong communication skills and cross-cultural execution;
5. A good team player and strong sense of ownership.

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