What you will be doing:

1. Based on the preferences of Russian users, design targeted operation activities, follow up the effects of the activities, and continuously optimize the form of activities to ensure that resources are used reasonably and achieve operational targets;
2. Responsible for the communication and cooperation with R&D and middle platform department, planning the localized game content, including but not limited to skins, peripheral resources, and packaging events.
3. Establish a daily data monitoring mechanism for key indicators, regularly output conclusions and reports, quickly make data analysis and output countermeasures for game data trends, data fluctuations, etc.


1. Understand the preferences and gaming habits of local users in Russia
2. Able to work in English or Russian language fluently
3. Have experience in local game operation in Russia, be sensitive to data, and have strong analysis and summary capabilities
4. Able to advance the project in a multi-team environment, with excellent self-driving force, teamwork ability, and cross-departmental driving force
5. Love games, have in-depth experience and understanding of competitive products and be interested in the long-term development of game operation positions
6. Possess good anti-stress ability, multi-threaded task management ability, proactive, strong sense of responsibility, pragmatic, rigorous, meticulous.

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