【About Us】

Tencent Games Global Publishing Tech Centre is the international unit of Tencent Games, a leading global platform for game development, publishing and operation. Aiming to improve our games and transform the gaming industry, our mission is to solve the toughest challenges in gaming with technology.


With offices in Amsterdam and around the world, our growth strategy is to build upon attracting the best talent and creating an amazing work atmosphere that balances the energy of a start-up with the resources of a global innovation leader. As the world’s leading technology company, we maintain an entrepreneurial spirit and an open mindset.


If you are passionate about the gaming industry and eager to do groundbreaking work in a friendly, cross-cultural environment, we can provide unparalleled stability, resources, access to more than a billion players, and an international perspective.


If you like us are ambitious and self-driven, we invite you to explore Tencent Games Global Publishing Tech Centre and take challenges that will create new adventures for billions of players.



* Build and maintain the advertisement creative insights services.
* Introduce major innovations on models that can understand the advertisement creatives on the global game markets.
* Research on computer vision algorithms and follow up with the latest researches to iterate the models behind the scene.
* Work closely with other teams to explore and prototype new product features.

【Qualifications and Skills】

* Ph.D. or Master in Computer Science, Electrical/Computer Engineering, Mathematics/Statistics, Operations Research, Industrial & Systems Engineering, or related technical disciplines.
* Experience developing video/Image classification, segmentation, and detection services and models.
* Strong fundamentals in Machine and Deep Learning.
* Self-motivated and independent learner who is willing to share knowledge with the team.
* Efficient and detail-oriented time manager who thrives in a dynamic and fast-paced working environment
* Experience developing new representations for video analysis applied to processing and creating videos.
* Experience exploring artificial intelligence methods to support content creation and understanding.
* Experience developing scalable machine learning and computer vision algorithms, leveraging deep learning.
* Experience engaging on product innovation and deploying research to support critical product needs.
* Strong programming skills in Java and Scala, experience in functional programming.
* Proficient in statistical programming languages such as Python orR.
*Strong working knowledge in RDBMS such as PostgreSQL or NoSQL.
* Published state of the art research.
* Bilingual in Chinese and English

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