Award-winning TiMi Studio Group seeks an Audio Director who is an exceptional leader and can help us build a new AAA multi-platform game for gaming communities around the world.

We are a new team within TiMi who is ambitiously looking to make massive, open world games for gamers to play for years to come. We are passionate about creating new, compelling worlds to play in and explore. Are you someone who is engaged with building new worlds, understands what captivates players, and cares deeply about gaming as a medium? Are you ready to channel your passion and energy into creating expansive open world games for global audiences? Then, come join us in our ambitious endeavor.



  • Share a passion to innovate, especially in the design and development of open world games
  • Oversee the design and implementation of all audio for the project
  • Set out the musical direction and the process to select composers, in collaboration with the creative director and sound studio
  • Produce VO sessions
  • Oversee implementation of audio assets and assist in developing integration tools
  • Act as an expert in proprietary pipelines and integration processes
  • Communicate the audio vision to the team and provide all necessary visual and audio documents and references needed
  • Explain and demonstrate technical details and express clear aesthetic qualities and requirements
  • Innovate and adapt to drive new Audio features. Develop methodologies for continuous improvement across the department
  • Work with the team to define an effective audio style and execution across the project
  • Design and implement audio element integration processes by working in close collaboration with programmers and technical directors to ensure proper integration
  • Proactively identify and define ways to improve the audio experience across a growing spectrum of features
  • Lead by example and provide both motivation and inspiration to other team members



  • At least six years of professional AAA game development experience
  • At least one AAA Open-World titles shipped, in the current generation of games (PS4/XBOX ONE or PS5/XBOX Series X)
  • 3+ years working as a leader in the field of audio
  • Experience as a director with proven leadership and mentoring skills
  • Good communication skills, organization skills, ability to influence others
  • Expertise and understanding of the entire audio process, including sound effects, voice over, music, and audio system technology
  • Knowledge of game engine technology and audio middleware solutions
  • Skilled in effective communication across all disciplines and departments
  • Extensive knowledge of DAW tools (e.g. Pro Tools, Sound forge, MIDI)
  • Solid knowledge of studio audio equipment and the research process
  • A passion and deep understanding of the impact and role that audio plays in the overall player experience
  • Passion for video games


What is in it for you?

Create AAA multi-platform games with ample resources and support: Bring incredible game ideas to players around the world with the support of one of the most successful studios in the world. TiMi has developed some of the most popular games worldwide and is looking for talented individuals to join it in making another major hit.

Develop for global audiences and make an impression on the entire industry: Join TiMi in making games as part of an ambitious, talented, and seasoned team.

Create new worlds for players to explore, experience and enjoy: Join a team who cares about innovation and wants to delight players with new creative game design for open world experiences. Help create the next great game world for players to immerse in for decades to come. 

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