Award-winning TiMi Studio Group seeks a UX Director who is ready to lead and help create a new AAA multi-platform game for gaming communities around the world.

We are a new team within TiMi who is ambitiously looking to make massive, open world games for gamers to play for years to come. We are passionate about creating new, compelling worlds to play in and explore. Are you someone who is engaged with building new worlds, understands what captivates players, and cares deeply about gaming as a medium? Then, come join us in our ambitious endeavor.




  • Share a passion to innovate, especially in the design and development of open world games
  • Collaborating with other core team members to discuss the game’s overall experience and incorporate a visual or brand identity into the end product
  • Communicating screen designs, interaction models, end-to-end experiences, and the target audience to other members of the project team
  • Understand and identify player behaviours, goals, motivations, values, needs, etc.
  • Comparing the user experience of existing applications and working to design better alternatives 
  • Work closely with collaborative teams (UI, monetization, programming, audio, art, etc.) to implement attractive designs
  • Review user tests and gather feedback and developing task flows and wireframes based on user needs
  • Promote a design process and methodologies that support player centered game development
  • Comparing the user experience of existing applications and working to design better alternatives



  • At least eight years of professional AAA game development experience 
  • At least two AAA open world titles shipped, one during the current generation of video games (PS4/XBOX ONE) 
  • Experience of design, UX, or product experience in the video game industry
  • Understanding of ergonomic principles and agile methodologies
  • Willingness to explore industry trends in technology and design with the entire development team
  • Being a highly organized workshop facilitator who knows how to prepare, analyze, and run a workshop with the clients and the team
  • Good ability to harvest feedback through rapid iterative prototyping and to translate player data into design solutions
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with proven ability to present concepts, ideas, and insights to the project team and clients  
  • Consideration of the impact your choices have on end-users and creators


What is in it for you?

Create AAA multi-platform games with ample resources and support: Bring incredible game ideas to players around the world with the support of one of the most successful studios in the world. TiMi has developed some of the most popular games worldwide and is looking for talented individuals to join it in making another major hit.

Develop for global audiences and make an impression on the entire industry: Join TiMi in making games as part of an ambitious, talented, and seasoned team.

Create new worlds for players to explore, experience and enjoy: Join a team who cares about innovation and wants to delight players with new creative game design for open world experiences. Help create the next great game world for players to immerse in for decades to come. 

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