Job Description:

As part of a critical MENA leadership team for minimum 5 years with 10 to 15 years collective experience in working in Saudi Arabia, you must show a broad appreciation of all aspects of publishing and business development to achieve Tencent goals alongside key stakeholders in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

1. Candidates must show clear commercial results over a period of 10 years

2. Be fluent not only in Arabic and English Language but have a vast appreciation of the local customs and cultural preferences of consumers, alongside the ambitions and vision of Saudi's religious, political and economic leadership.

3. Display a strong network of valuable professional contacts that can aid you efficiently and legitimately to the goals you set with Tencent leadership for ongoing ventures and new business opportunities in Saudi Arabia. 


Role and Responsibilities :

1. Set clear goals and objectives with MENA leadership in a phased plan with clear milestones

2. Advise on recruitment and talent acquisition in Saudi Arabia.

3. Support in establishing local offices and department structures.

4. Manage budgets and forecasts.

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