Job Description:

1. As a department leader for minimum 5 years with 10 to 15 years collective experience you must show a broad appreciation of all aspects of creativity and design though your leadership.

2. Be highly perceptive, globally astute and locally unmatched in your attention to detail, trends, culture and progressive creative thinking.

3. Manage a team of 6 direct report and be responsible for the output of the departments resources


Role and Responsibilities :

1. Set the goals and aspirations of the creative studio clearly to regional leadership team.

2. Exemplify the highest standards in your approach to creativity and design amongst your piers on the market.

3. Seek methods and ways of working that will differentiate our products and campaigns from our competitors.

4. Display an unapparelled passion for your art and the talent wish to employee to achieve the same.

5. Be responsible for the output of 100s of campaigns a year and appreciate the resource required and structure necessary to achieve all goals big and small in an efficient and timely manner.

6. Have excellent production skills and vendor knowledge with a vast network of valuable contacts in end to end production to deliver the departments vision to reality.

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