• Work closely with designers, animators and programmers to design and implement solutions for character animation and cinematics in engine.
  • Work together with Tools TA to create pipelines for animation production, and enable the animators and artists to use them efficiently
  • Keep abreast of the industry's technological developments and research cutting-edge solutions to apply them into the projects.


  • Three or more years of experience as engine animation TA, with experience as senior or core member in published AAA games. Familiar with combat/non-combat 3C solutions in high-quality FPS/TPS games.
  • Familiar with common animation techniques(BlendGraphs/MotionMatching,Control Rig/Fullbody IK, Rigging,FACS, etc);
  • Ability to create character animation/Facial expression assets, game artist experience preferred.
  • Strong technical skills and proficiency with 3DS Max/Maya, Familiar with Python.
  • Excellent ability to learn and apply technical research, good problem analysis and solving skills.
  • Strong sense of responsibility, high level of teamwork spirit and knows how to follow up on needs, good communication skills, and result oriented.
  • Passionate about games, pay attention to user experience (including internal user experience of designers/operation/artists).

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