• Responsible for the design and development of game AI system frameworks, AI algorithms and related tools.
  • Work with game designers and scene artists to build open world transportation systems that give the metropolis a realistic and dense traffic behavior.
  • Work with animators and game designers to give characters natural, diverse behaviors.
  • Help gameplay programmers, artists, and designers to use engine features effectively and efficiently.
  • Stay abreast of technology developments in the industry and pre-research cutting-edge solutions to apply into the projects and generate real value



  • At least three years of C/C++ and game engine development experience, with a more comprehensive grasp of game development related technologies and maintaining learning momentum.
  • Solid foundation in algorithms and mathematics, systematic knowledge of software development areas (computer systems, OS, data structures, etc.).
  • Proficiency in game AI techniques such as state machines/behavior trees/GOAP/hierarchical task networks/route finding/obstacle avoidance.
  • Familiarity with the UE4 engine AI system and its implementation principles, and familiarity with machine learning techniques and related practices is preferred.
  • Excellent ability to learn and apply technical research, good problem analysis and solving skills.
  • Strong sense of responsibility, high level of teamwork spirit and knows how to follow up on needs, good communication skills, and result oriented.
  • Passionate about games, pay attention to user experience (including internal user experience of designers/operation/artists).

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