We are building an R&D team for game technology to help all our studios build better games faster. For this we need engineers who understand the challenges game developer teams face every day. If you want make a difference by making games and engines perform better, compile faster, have better tools and workflows, and just generally being more awesome, this is the position for you.

We are looking for C++ developer with a strong desire to make the game making process better. You are not required to have prior experience from the game sector.


  • Work with all our studios to provide technology that address common challenges that developers and artists face every day
  • Understand how technology choices impact the daily lives of game makers and to help choosing the most appropriate solutions to help the most people
  • Help with reducing “grunt work” and flow-breaking wait times by providing tools that help streamlining the development process and tools


  • Good understanding of C++ and its development eco-system on Windows
  • Understanding of performance and when/how to optimize
  • Familiarity with source control (git/p4/subversion/...)
  • Proven familiarity with working with software used by large teams or multiple smaller ones

Preferred skills

  • Experience working with Unreal, Unity, or comparable in-house engines
  • Hands-on experience from the technical side of game production
  • Knowledge of C#, Python, or related languages
  • Working with build or data cooking automation
  • Working with managing large scale data sets
  • Working with CI/CD pipelines and their care and maintenance
  • Working in open source projects
  • Experience working with other platforms (consoles, Linux, MacOS) and toolchains (GCC, Clang, …)

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