【Job Description】

According to the company's development strategy and financial development planning, to do:
1、Accounting management: organize daily accounting as required.
2、Budget management: establish a budget management system in accordance with the requirements of HQ and the company, standardize the budget preparation process; organize the preparation of departmental budgets and company budgets; supervise the implementation of the budget.
3、Fund management: coordinate and plan the use of funds and make fund plans.
4、Taxation management: develop tax planning programs in accordance with the requirements of HQ and the Company; organize daily tax returns and other tax-related work; arrange tax audits; disseminate tax policies that have an impact on the Company.
5、Financial analysis: submit regular financial analysis reports in accordance with the requirements of HQ and the company, and make management suggestions.
6、Internal control and financial system management: establish and improve the financial internal control system in accordance with the requirements of HQ and the Company; organize the preparation of financial systems; standardize the internal workflow of the department.
7、Financial information management: participate in the construction of financial information of HQ.
8、Finance team building: training, cultivation, assessment and evaluation of staff in this department.
9、Other work: Communication and negotiation work related to shareholders, business, taxation, audit, evaluation and other internal and external units.

【Job Requirements】

1、Bachelor degree or above.
2、Professional knowledge and certificates: accounting, auditing, financial management, finance or economics-related majors, with comprehensive financial expertise, familiar with financial and tax-related policies and regulations, those who acquired professional qualifications such as KICPA, CTA, AICPA, ACCA, etc are preferred.
3、Working experience: more than eight years working experience in financial management, with the ability to handle full accounts, working experience in Internet industry or working experience in famous accounting firm is preferred.
4、Competency: good written and verbal skills, able to independently write relevant reports, draw up relevant rules, regulations and documents; strong public relations skills, execution, organization and coordination skills; sense of confidentiality; strong leadership skills, innovation and teamwork spirit.
5、Fluent in Chinese/English and Korean, able to communicate and work on a daily basis, based in Korea and accept regular business trips to China.

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