Job Description:

  • Responsible for expanding the main customers and benchmarking projects of CDN static, on-demand and live broadcasting business side by side with international industry departments, providing support for the whole process of business opportunity development, prompt communication, product support, solutions, business process and delivery, and responsible for the development and delivery of benchmarking projects;
  • Analyze and collect CDN customer problems and demands, link up with business, product, after-sales, operation and maintenance, R&D and other teams, manage project demand priorities, coordinate resources to solve problems and implement demand development, ensure demand delivery and product quality, improve customer satisfaction, summarize experience and improve product functions;
  • Be responsible for the technical structure improvement, operation cost optimization, customer project tackling and other special work initiated by the team;
  • Mainly responsible for the business scale and cost of products, and help the team complete other temporary work;


Job requirements: 

  • Be familiar with the CDN industry, market and technical development direction, and be familiar with the technical principle and architecture of CDN business static, on-demand, live broadcast and other products;
  • Proficient in DNS / TCP / IP / HTTP / quic / RTMP / HLS and other protocols, proficient in using shell or Python and packet capture tools;
  • Strong sense to drive and achieve a project goal, provide project experience of key customers, working experience in CDN manufacturer or cloud manufacturer is preferred;
  • Good sense of service and teamwork, good cross departmental communication skills, execution skills and problem solving skills;
  • Strong self-management ability, independent, result oriented, and have a high sense of responsibility for customers and projects.

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